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The Counter Culture Cafe Saga Continues

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Date: Jan 24, 2007 8:44 PM
Subject: The Counter Culture Cafe Saga Continues
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Dear Bcc: List,

It's been a while since I've written you about our situation, so first
a quick update. We're getting settled into our new location inside of
the Paper Heart Gallery and we couldn't be happier with where we're at
and who we're working with. Things are still pretty up in the air, and
finances tight on all ends (boy is that an understatement!) but I
remain optimistic about the possibility of becoming solvent in the
very near future. Scott, Vaiden, and everyone else at the Paper Heart
have been an absolute pleasure to work with, incredibly supportive and
the two businesses are developing a real synergy. I hope to see both
businesses make it through this tough time and end up prosperous and
successful. Able to continue supporting the local art community, and
helping to provide a spot where homegrown talent can find an
appropriate showcase.

However a new wrinkle has developed which threatens to derail all
we've been working so hard to accomplish. Our former landlords have
carried through on their threat to pursue legal action against us.
Recently we have been served legal papers and have 20 days to respond.
Those of you who are already familiar with many of the details of our
history with these people know how ludicrous and unfounded most of
their charges are, as well as how poorly we'd been treated, bullied
and generally taken advantage of until they were able to begin the
construction of a new strip mall to be located on the same property as
our former business.

We have been trying our hardest to regain the momentum that we'd built
up at our old location. Hoping to save our business as well as being
able to financially contribute towards keeping the Paper Heart open.
If our former landlords are successful it will most likely spell the
ruin of both struggling businesses and score one more cultural
casualty in the ongoing gentrification of Phoenix's burgeoning art

I'm not intending to flood anyone's inbox with unwanted messages, and
"the whole story" (that is, the whole story from our perspective) is
pretty long. I've been working on a narrative detailing our experience
with our former landlords starting with the signing of the lease in
April of '04 all the way through to our being given 24 hours to vacate
the property in November of '06. If you're interested in giving this
narrative a read, please respond to this message and I'll make sure to
keep you in the loop.

Meanwhile we are in serious need of legal counsel, so far we'd been
referred to one attorney who informed us that he did not handle
commercial disputes. He then referred us on to another law firm, who
informed us of their fees, with even the fee for the preliminary
consultation being something we can't really afford right now. Having
our business closed for the last several months has taken a serious
toll on our financial situation, to the point where we now stand to
lose our home as well. Every spare penny we have has been reinvested
into getting back up and running and fully operational once more.

If you know of any one who may be able to give us a free (or at least
reasonably priced) consultation and/or a referral to someone else who
may be of assistance, please send me their contact information ASAP.
Additionally, to those of you who are members of the local media, I'm
not sure if our former landlords are very concerned about public
perception, but even if that doesn't move them, at the very least
getting a little more publicity for our current endeavor, as well as
that of the Paper Heart would greatly improve our chances of success.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. :)


Andres Yuhnke
Co-Owner, Counter Culture Cafe

Counter Culture Cafe:

The Paper Heart Gallery:
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